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Videos of Muharram 1439 Lectures by Sheikh Arif Abdulhussein

Please find the links below for Sheikh Arif Abdulhussein lectures  1439 1st Night of Muharrum – https://vimeo.com/234842043 2nd Night of Muharrum –https://vimeo.com/235009893 3rd Night of Muharrum – https://vimeo.com/235135791 4th Night of Muharrum –  https://vimeo.com/235221392

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Muharrum 1439 – Sheikh Arif Abdulhussein – 21st September – 3rd October

Salaam Alaykum, We are pleased to have Sheikh Arif Abdulhussein from the Al-Mahdi Institute as our visiting speaker for the month of Muharrum – the topic will be THE PRINCIPLES OF FAITH. The schedule for his lectures can be found at – https://imamhasancentre.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Muharram_Rabi_ul_Awall_1439_2017V1.0.pdf All evening programs will start at 7.30 PM …

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This week at IHC 29-07-2017 – Luna Park Details

Salaam Alaykum   Imam Hasan School News Term 3 has begun and it’s going to be a short and busy term. We will be conducting Parent-Teacher interviews this term, so please look out for the dates and make sure to mark in your diaries so you can attend. Please bring …

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