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Imam Hasan School divides its syllabus into Islamic Studies and Qur’an. Islamic Studies incorporates Fiqh (islamic laws), Akhlaq (ethics), Aqaid (beliefs) and Tarikh (history). Qur’an incorporates Tajweed (elocution/recitation), Tafsir (meaning and interpretation) and Du’a (supplication).

The goal of Imam Hasan School is to develop a rounded student who appreciates the breadth of Islamic knowledge and is able to apply it in his/her everyday life. Please find below the manuals we use to teach our students. The manuals are created from the hard work of teachers who run www.madressa.net and www.qfatima.com. May God bless them for their efforts. You may download them for your own teaching and learning at home:


Islamic Studies


All Class 1-11 manuals available here:




Outline of Syllabus for all classes




Class 1 Manual
Class 2 Manual


Class 3 Manual



Meaning of Qur’an

Classes 1 – 11: Guide to Last 14 surahs of Qur’an (teacher’s manual)


Classes 5:11: Ta’qibat with God’s names (and numerous other verses of the Qur’an and du’as – teachers and students’ manual)