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This week at IHC – 31/3/2018 – Birthdays of Imam Ali AS & Imam Mohammed Taqi AS – Childrens Presentation & Maulana Kamran Ali Jafri (URDU) – Br. Imran Naziri

Salaam Alaykum Dear [newsletters_field name=firstname],   Friday 30th March 2018 – Make GOOD FRIDAY a GREAT FRIDAY by attendign Salaat-e-Juma at any centre you can. Saturday 31st March – Celebrating the birthdays of 1st Imam Ali A.S. & 9th Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S. at 7.30 PM – Maghrib 7.11 PM We will have …

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Salaam Akaykum, Please click on the link below to compete in tonight’s quiz, prizes only for those who are at Imam Hasan Centre this evening and the first person to get the highest mark and the quickest time wins.   CLICK HERE TO GET TO QUIZ  

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This Week at IHC – 2/3/2018 – Wafat of Ummul-Baneen AS

On Friday 2nd March, Sheikh Mohammed Mehdi will recite majlis of Ummul-Baneen AS after Juma prayers (1.00 pm)     Upcoming events March 10th – Birthday celebration of Bibi Fatima Zahra AS – 7.40 pM Quiz Presentations March 10 – IHC Car wash raising funds for charity – Starts at 5.00 …

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