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Term 3 Madrassah begins – Islamic Course 1 continues.

Salaam Alaykum We hope you have enjoyed  your holidays and are ready to start Term 3, you would have recived all the details from the Madrassah team and we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday at 4.30 PM.   INTENSIVE QURAN CLASSES – Sunday August 4th. We have …

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ECLIPSE – WEDNESDAY JULY 17 – BEGINS 6:01 AM – ENDS – 8.59 AM – Full Eclipse BEGINS 5.30 AM – ENDS 7.13 AM – Prayers between 6.01 AM and 7.02 AM

Salaam Alaykum, On Wednesday morning there will be a lunar eclipse in Sydney. Salaat-ul-Ayaat is wajib. Salaat-ul-Ayaat https://www.imamhasancentre.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Web_Site_Resources_Salaat_ul_Ayaat.pdf Details are below  You can start your prayers ta 6.01 AM and must finish prayer by 7.02 AM, as moon will not be visible then.

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#EID_MUBARARK #COLLECTION Please find below a collection of Eid Mubarak Images you can use and share. Which is your favorite one ? #PLEASE_SHARE The license fee for use has been paid on these images.

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