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Yemen Appeal – Donate generously

Dear Community members,   Thank you for your generous support of the Yemen Relief appeal on December 16, 2018.  You can purchase a ticket for the fundraiser or make a donation at – https://www.imamhasancentre.com.au/donations/  

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This week at IHC – 16/11/2018 – Martyrdom of 11th Imam (Friday night – English) – Wilayat of 12th Imam & Eid-e-Zehra (Saturday night – Maulana Kumail Mehdavi)

Salaam Alaykum Dear ,   Friday 16th November  Martydom of 11th Imam – Imam Hasan Askari AS IHC will be commemorating the martyrdom of our 11th Imam after Maghrib prayers. lecture will be in English Saturday 17th Novemebr – after Maghrib Wilayt of 12th Imam IHC will be celebrating the Wilayat …

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COMMUNITY MEMBERS PROGRAMS Our community members kindly request you attend the following programs. The information supplied is correct to the best of our knowledge. Please contact the host directly for any further information. Updated – 28/10/2018   DATE – 2018 TIME HOST NAME ADDRESS PHONE FYI RECITER Sunday 28th October  …

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This week at IHC – 29/10/2018 – Arba’een – Monday Night – 7.42 PM and Tuesday 6.00 PM – Maulana Ali Raza Mehdavi – Zakira Masooma Mehdavi – Br. Hassan Reda (English)

Arba’een Night On Monday 29th October, there will be majlis commemorating the night of Arba’een/Chehlum. Majlis will be recited by Maulana Ali Raza Mehdavi and will begin after Maghribain prayers at 7.42pm Br. Hassan Reda reciting in English.   Arba’een Day On Arba’een day, Tuesday 30th October, majlis will begin at …

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This week at IHC – 13/10/2018 – 20th of Shuhuda-e-Kerbala – Gents (Syed Jawad Abidi) & Ladies (Zakira Iram Naqvi) Majlis of Bibi Sakina AS will have separate lectures and reciters –

On Saturday 13th October, we will be commemorating the twentieth of Shuhada-e-Kerbala as well as the shahadat of Bibi Sakina A.S. The program will begin at 7.30pm.  Separate Ladies’ majlis recited by Zakira Iram Naqvi will also begin at 7.30pm. We thank Alamdar Association for making Syed Jawad available.   …

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This week at IHC – 28/09/2018 – This week at IHC – 28/09/2018 – Syed Jawad Hussain Abidi – “tenth of the martyrdom of Shuhada-e-Kerbala” – Salaat-e-Juma

Salaam Alaykum Dear , We are very grateful to the management  of Alamdar Association – Granville for making Syed Jawad Hussain Abidi available for the Salaat-e-Juma program and the Saturday majlis – “tenth of the martyrdom of Shuhada-e-Kerbala”   Friday 28th September 2018 Salaat-e-Juma – Friday 28th September 2018 – Syed Jawad Hussain …

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