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Congratualtions to 2016 HSC Students

Imam Hasan Centre is pleased to congratulate the following students for their HSC successes this year:

Maria Ali Zaidi for her ATAR of 99.4 and listing in the 2016 HSC All-round Achievers list

Hayder Aly for his ATAR of 90.7

The following past students of Imam Hasan School were also listed in the 2016 HSC Distinguished Achievers List:

Sarah Hussain for her Band 6 result in Mathematics

Annya Reshty for her Band 6 result in Studies of Religion 1

Congratulations to the students and their parents for their efforts and results in the 2016 HSC.

We will be celebrating the successes with a presentation at Imam Hasan Centre, details will be posted later in January.

If you know anyone else from our community who has achieved great results this year, please inform us by emailing info@imamhasancentre.com.au

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