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This Week at IHC 14/4/2016 – Aa’mal of Laylatul Raghaib – Wafat of Imam Ali-un-Naqi A.S. – !3th Rajab Program

Salaam Alaykum,

Upcoming Programs 

On Thursday 14th April, we will be conducting Aa’mal of Laylatul Raghaib-the first Thursday of Rajab.

 The program will begin at 7.30pm.

The Holy Prophet (s.a) has said, that these prayers are Means of forgiveness and on the first night in our grave, the Almighty will send the reward off this prayer in the best, enlightened and eloquent form. When inquired, will reply, ‘‘My Beloved,, glad tidings to you that you have found salvation from every hardship and horror..’’When asked,, ‘‘Who are you?’’ ‘‘By God I haven’t seen any one more beautiful than you,, I haven’t heard a word sweeter than yours,, or a fragrance better than you?’’ In reply,,


‘‘I am,, that prayer which you offered on the eve off the first Friday of the month of Rajab. I have come to you,, to be your companion in this loneliness,, to remove from you your fright and horror.. Be lest assured that my shelter will be with you until the blowing off the Horn off the Day off Judgment..’’


We will also be commemorating the Martyrdom of Imam Ali-un-Naqi A.S.

The program will begin at 7.30pm.

You are welcome to bring a plate to share with tea after the Aa’mal.



On Saturday 16th April we will be celebrating the birthdays of Imam Ali A.S. and 9th Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S. The program will begin at 7.30pm. 



Imam Hasan School is on holidays for the next two weeks.

The first day of Term 2 will be SATURDAY 30th APRIL.

Timings for Term 2 will be 4.30pm till 7.30pm.



Extra Quran Classes for IHS students

Imam Hasan Centre is offering Thursday evening Qur’an classes for new and existing IHS students who wish to improve their recitation. The recitation and understanding of Qur’an will be a big focus for the IHS this coming year as the aim will be for students to recite Surah Yasin in the Centre’s main programmes. Thursday Qur’an classes intend to supplement the madrasah learning.

Classes will be taught by Sister Amina Alimohamed and Sheikh Dr. Imranali Panjwani.

For those interested, please contact Sheikh by email at Imranali.Panjwani@imamhasancentre.com.au or on mobile 0407 840 968.


Weekly Programs

Dua Kumayl                          Thursday 7.30pm

Salat-e-Juma                        Friday Zohr Time

Children’s Classes               Saturday 4.30pm

Weekly Graduate Classes Sunday 11.00pm

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