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Thursday 22nd March – Martyrdom of Imam Ali –un- Naqi (AS) –&– Aamal Laylatul Raghaib 7.30 PM

Salam Alaykum 

On Thursday 22nd March, we will be commemorating the Martyrdom of Imam Ali-un Naqi AS and will be conducting Aamal of Laylatul Raghaib after Maghrib prayers at 7.24pm.

7.24 PM – Maghrib and Isha prayers

7.50 PM – Lecture of Imam Ali-un-Naqi AS (English)

8.10 PM – Dua Kumayl

8.30 PM – Aamal of Laylatul Raghaib.

9.15 PM – Tea and snacks (please bring a plate)

How to perform Laylatul Raghaib – Aamal_Laylatul_Raghaib


Upcoming events

There is no program on Saturday 24th March, only regular classes for Imam Hasan School. Classes begin at 5pm as there will be no Assembly.

On Saturday 31st March, we will be celebrating the Wiladat of Imam Ali A.S. and Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S.  Maulana Kamran Ali Jafri – the new resident Alim at Al-Asr Centre Victoria will be reciting majlis.

The program will begin after Maghrib prayers with presentations from students of Imam Hasan School.

Maulana Kamran Ali Jafri has been serving the community of Malawi in Africa for over 8 years. He has been served communities in many different aspects including being a resident Aalim and working actively with youths of the community. Maulana completed his religious studies at Madressa-e-Hujjatiya of Qum.


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