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Dear Brothers Respected Scholars, Brothers and Sisters,

Salaam Alaykum

By the Grace of God and your amazing generosity, the total amount raised at the YEMEN RELIEF APPEAL is around $350,000 (waiting for last few confirmations). 

We would like to thank all of you individually, community groups and charity groups who came together in a powerful display of unity to achieve an amazing result on Sunday 16th December. By the Grace of God we came together united to do what we could to answer the cries for help from the desperate in Yemen.

May Allah bless you and your communities and to achieve a total of around $350,000 is remarkable, but the unity between us all was the most remarkable part of the event.


May Allah grow the bond between us stronger and that we achieve more remarkable results in the name of the Most  Beneficent and Merciful Allah.

We will send more updates as finalize details.

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